Dear Twelve Restaurant Customers, Friends and Colleagues,


We just wanted to bring you all up to date with the events of this week.  On Monday afternoon a van travelling down Fleetwood Road North crashed into the side of Twelve Restaurant.  Thankfully the restaurant was closed when the accident occurred and we were the only people in the building.  We were first to the scene to attend to the driver. 


Having watched our CCTV footage of the incident we are thankful that no one was hurt as there were numerous pedestrians and children in this location seconds before and after the incident.  Despite this awful incident happening and the damage it has caused, we are just so thankful that there were no injuries to passers by, staff or the driver.


Firstly, we send a massive thank you to all our customers, friends and fellow business colleagues within this community who made contact with us.  We have been overwhelmed by your offer of support, advice and help.  It has been humbling to know that we have so many friends within this wonderful community that we live and trade in.  We cannot thank you all enough.


Secondly, we want to let you all know what is happening.  Twelve Event Management continues to trade and do business as the kitchen has been unaffected by the accident.  So if you have an event with us…. it’s business as normal.  So this week we will see our lovely Bride and Groom at The Great Hall at Mains, our Fleetwood Town supporters at match day VIP hospitality and the amazing fundraisers and supporters of Trinity Hospice at their ball at Blackpool Tower.  


The restaurant has however, taken some major structural damage.  We will be closed for a short period of time.  With over 40 staff it is important we need to get up and running as soon as we can and we are working very hard to get to this point.  We will keep you all posted on our re-opening date by social media so please like and share our posts so everyone is up to date with the goings on at Twelve.


We do hope to see you back with us at Twelve very soon and trust you will continue to frequent us at this very difficult and challenging time. 


Kindest regards,




Caroline, Paul and Team Twelve

Your Neighbourhood Restaurant