GMTV Film at Twelve ..... Dulcie stood up!

Caroline and Paul with Matt Arnold

Our new creation the tangerine dream hits the big time with the announcement GMTV want to come to the restaurant to film a piece on the dessert for the following morning show. We are originally told that they would be with us at 10.00am, needless to say they did not arrive until 7.30pm, bang smack in the middle of a busy service! Apparently filming at the restaurant was put back due to the performance of two sea lions at the zoo!

Later in the evening GMTV presenter Matt Arnold phoned to thank us for our hospitality ( he enjoyed a medium cooked fillet with mushroom gratin and fat chips). He went on to tell Caroline that he had a great idea for the morning show. He wanted to be seen during his four live links in four different locations eating the Tangerine dream. We thought this was a good idea and would create a little more publicity, the only problem behind the scheme was that the desserts were needed for a 5.30am start at North Pier. This was a bit of a problem, so we quickly volunteered Dulcie to take the desserts down for this shockingly early start time .

You've guessed it. At 5.30am our mobile rings. Julie from our PR company gives us the news that the desserts are no longer required as breaking news of the birth of sextuplets in Liverpool during the night meant the live links were to be cut.

The next time you visit the restaurant, Dulcie will let you know just how cold it is on North Pier at 5.30pm - not quite the Tangerine Dream" Sorry Dulcie.