Twelve is celebrating Lancashire Day with its new dessert, the Fisherman’s Friend Pina Colada.
Fisherman's Friend Pina Colada

Inspired by our proximity to Fleetwood and the town’s most famous export, Fisherman’s Friend -  Twelve’s Fisherman’s Friend Pina Colada combines tangy, Spanish and Central American flavours with a light taste of menthol and eucalyptus.

The dessert features home-made shortbread dusted with a light coating of grounded Fisherman’s Friend served with a coconut and Malibu foam, pineapple sorbet and pineapple jam.

Chef Proprietor Paul Moss said the dish was inspired by visits to Spain, and in particular Barcelona, where Fisherman’s Friend is very popular with locals.
He explained: “We are always looking at ways we can use local ingredients and you can’t get much more local than Fleetwood and Fisherman’s Friend.

“At first we experimented using grounded Fisherman’s Friend directly in the shortbread mixture but when it was baked, it tasted too much like a medicinal biscuit!

“We kept trying different combinations and decided that it worked best using the Fisherman’s Friend as a light dusting on the shortbread! When combined with the pineapple and coconut, it works beautifully!

“Our ethos here at Twelve is to use locally sourced, seasonal ingredients but with creativity and inspiration to give customers a truly unique culinary experience.”

Lancashire Day takes place this Saturday, November 27th.